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We regret to inform you that the movement has, for various reasons (including my own personal health issues) ceased operations. A profound lack of support among content creators is the primary reason, I’m exhausted and tired of being the drum solo on class action censorship. My hope is that someone will rise to the challenge, but not me. I’ve poured tens of thousands of dollars into this campaign, and over a year of my life – including dozens of interviews and hundreds of hours. For those few who stood with me to promote and build the idea – Thank you. We made it into the urban dictionary. We invented a new word and gave it power. May others carry on the battle for justice in the courts. I’m going to return to a focus on exposing corruption with my own news content.

I wish the absolute best to everyone involved. May we overcome.

-Dustin Nemos

What Is Bit Burning?

A “Bit” is a technical term for the smallest unit of data, therefore “Bit Burning” is a digital or modern day form of book burning.¬†Bit burning¬†is the ritual destruction of digital information which represents an element of¬†censorship¬†and and usually proceeds from a cultural, religious, or political opposition to the information in question.
“Facebook spent the entire morning bit burning my entire group with 500,000 subscribers. ” or “Pinterest just bit burned the bible from their platform.” or “Youtube just bit burned Dustin¬†Nemos,¬†Alex Jones, and¬†Prager.”