White Hat Businesses Under Attack by Soros Funded Media Matters

Our Partner, the White Hat Movement is under attack.
Who is the White Hat Movement?
White Hat Movement is a network of consumers and value-based businesses geared toward freedom of speech, individual liberty, and marketplace freedom.
They are companies that defend free speech and support independent media with ad revenue.
By who?
None other than George Soros’ puppet news,  Media Matters.
Hit pieces like this are proof we are — together — a major threat against the most powerful corporations on earth.
Last week they tried to shut down MAGAZON , the world’s first Patriot Marketplace.
They were not successful.
Later, Media Matters attacked White Hat Movement company, HoneyColony.
HoneyColony is owned by Maryam Henein , a functional medicine consultant.  She promotes high-quality products and has high standards.  Maryam values the planet, humanity, honesty, and fair-trade practices. 

Media Matters gloated about getting Shopify to shut down RedPillLiving.com without notice in another hit-piece. 
RedPillLiving supports over 300 affiliates, including over a dozen independent media voices like yours. 
If they can take down a multi-million dollar company like RedPill Living, they can take down anyone who proudly supports independent media.

From RedPillLiving.com

Today, April 8, 2020, at 12:39pm Eastern Time, RedPill Living was terminated by Shopify (our ecommerce provider) due to malicious actions and lies by George Soros funded Media Matters.

This comes during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses have been forced to shut down, causing a strain on our economy.

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