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Dating back over 2,200 years, tyrants have burned books as a means of containing information to stop the spread of ideas dangerous to their control. 

Rebecca Knuth says, “When you destroy a book you are destroying your enemy and your enemy’s beliefs,” 

Today’s ideas and beliefs are exchanged in bits and bytes through electronic books, articles, and videos online.  

I believe today’s Book Burning occurs online.

  • In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Haley wrote… 

“Big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter exercise enormous influence on speech. The vast majority of internet traffic flows through just a handful of these companies. They control the ads we see, the news we read, and the information we digest. And they actively censor some content and amplify other content based on algorithms and intentional decisions that are completely nontransparent.” 

  • Liberal professor, former editor of Psychology Today, and acclaimed psychologist, Dr. Robert Epstein testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 17, 2019 that Google can manipulate votes by using proprietary tools that bias search results… potentially swinging the votes of over 10 million people.

  • On June 11, 2019, Project Veritas exposed Pinterest for blocking pro-life groups by classifying them as “pornography”, and altering autocomplete, trends, notifications, and recommendations on search terms such as “Christian”.  Twitter suspended the Project Veritas Twitter account, and YouTube took down the video sighting a privacy complaint.  The time stamp sighted by YouTube was the smoking gun of the story.

  • My YouTube videos have been demonetized, taken down, and my account has been shut down…  I am not the only one who is under attack.

    Individuals like Candace Owens, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and others have been censored or permanently silenced on Facebook.  

    Ford Fischer is an independent journalist who documents political events.  Allsop History is a teacher who posted historical videos online for the sake of education.  

    Both Ford Fischer and Allsop History were swept up in the controversy discussion, acknowledgement, and for demonstration of “extremist” views, right?  WRONG!  They were discussing historical facts and engaging in political discussion.

Are you frustrated, saddened, or downright angered by leftist big tech companies controlling our speech and censoring our discourse?

I believe we have the right to engage in the free market of ideas and have those ideas compete in vibrant debate and healthy dialogue.

I believe that when you control someone’s thoughts, you control their feelings… and if you control their feelings, you control their actions.

I believe a movement of millions of frustrated and angered patriots can stand together to take on these Big Tech companies — and put a stop to this digital book burning.

That’s why I reached out to an experienced attorney who handles complex litigation matters where the stakes are high.  I asked him to find a weakness in Big Tech to attack their censorship.  

You see… 

Each big tech company claims to be a public forum… 

At the same time they boost content they agree with, and suppress content they disagree with.  They are curating the content the same way publisher would.  

You can’t be both.

You cannot be a public forum and a publisher or curator.  

I recently did an in depth interview I did with Sarah Westall unpacking the lawsuit for Free Speech vs. Big Tech. I will give you a link in a moment, but first… 

I asked Todd McMurty to help us take on Big Tech Censorship.  

You remember Todd, right?  

He represented the Covington Catholic High School students who were libeled and defamed by CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post … and … Celebrities and politicians like Jim Carrey, Alyssa Milano, Bill Maher and Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

… and many, many others.  

Todd is a supporter of the 1st Amendment, and has accepted my invitation to take on big tech

Hiring an experienced attorney who handles complex litigation matters where the stakes are high is very expensive.  

Todd’s one hour retainer is $350, and the expected total cost to stop big tech censorship (before appeals) is around $200,000.  

Please contribute to the StopBitBurning Legal fund.  

I am asking for donations over $350 to cover an hour of services, however more modest donations are also accepted.  

Together we can Stop the Bit Burning, and break free from Big Tech Censorship.  

~ Dustin Nemos


PS: Here is the in depth interview I did with Sarah Westall unpacking the lawsuit for free speech vs. big tech.  Click here now to watch it now >>

PPS:  I recently did an interview with Todd McMurty where he breaks down the details of our position against Big Tech Censorship.  Click here to watch it now >>